Most Secret: 0017

croft with dogs

A feature documentary by Gwen Wynne

MOST SECRET: 0017 is a historical documentary about espionage and the first modern secret intelligence agency created during the most devastating war the world has ever seen.

It is also the story of the greatest Secret Agent ever to live in the Twentieth century. 

And, because AM 0017’s work was so sensitive, he is the most clandestine and unknown agent amongst Winston Churchill’s notorious Special Operations, Executive (S.O.E.).

In the effort to overthrow Nazi domination and terror, S.O.E. recruited from every walk of life throughout Great Britain and soon gathered other potential agents from the rest of the Allied nations.

It’s time to see the true story of these forgotten and unsung heroes of the S.O.E. These men and women are the historical heroes who lived thrilling and often terrifying adventures. They had to ultimately navigate alone in the field relying on their training, split decision actions and innate humanity. With wildly varied personalities and backgrounds, audiences will be introduced to some of the most unforgettable characters in history.

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