A feature documentary by Pamela Tom

TYRUS is the first in-depth portrait of the art, life, and enduring impact of Tyrus Wong. The film takes the audience on a remarkable journey — from his birthplace of Guangzhou, China in 1910 to the boarding houses of LA’s old Chinatown and the studios of the Golden Age of Hollywood. The film explores his formative years as a young WPA artist and the influence of Sung Dynasty art on his work. At a 102, Tyrus continues to live the life of an artist. We see him today, still vibrant, flying his magnificent creations high above the Pacific Ocean — the same waters he crossed as a young boy over 90 years ago.

The film includes original filmed scenes of Tyrus, interviews, archival footage and photos, clips and concept art from early Hollywood movies, animation by renowned animator James Baxter (Kung Fu Panda, The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast) and over 80 years of Tyrus Wong artwork — much of it rare and never before seen. Brushstrokes in Hollywood captures the richness and texture of Tyrus’s career while also revealing the inner life and character of this rare individual.

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